Saloni Lodha embarked on her creative journey, founding her eponymous label in 2011 with a captivating vision of elegant femininity enriched by vibrant colors. Garnering adoration from a devoted global following, the brand's allure has flourished through organic growth, propelled by word of mouth and serendipitous encounters.
Meaning "beautiful" in Sanskrit, SALONI encapsulates its namesake, inviting individuals of all ages to revel in the unbridled delight of life's kaleidoscope. Rooted in Saloni's personal narrative, her affinity for textiles, and an instinctual grasp of everyday attire, the brand weaves a distinctive tapestry. For Saloni, each creation is a journey of meditation, sparked by her Indian upbringing and nomadic odyssey spanning Hong Kong, Seoul, London, and Italy.
Balancing the roles of a working mother and entrepreneur with grace, Saloni designs with an intuitive understanding of her clientele's desires. Playful yet refined, her collections seamlessly traverse formal occasions, intimate dinners, and far-flung adventures. Infused with the brand's signature shapes, luxurious textiles, and bespoke prints, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention, destined to be treasured and worn with enduring affection.