Uncommon, chic and elevated, La Prestic Ouiston creations stand out by its classic and sophisticated fabrics.
The exclusive prints, signed by different artists are the Parisian label emblematic hallmarks. Their multifaceted range is offered and reinvented every season in the most delicate and poetic way.Unconventional, Laurence scatters LPO silhouettes by historical or literary references. Classic thus unclassifiable, this wardrobe addressesto a singular chic woman seeking for authenticity.
In 2008, the story begins with vintage scarves that were twisted, mixed and handcrafted into unique, numerated pieces. With this forerunner upcycling approach, Laurence and her creations quickly seduce a well informed clientele, sensitive to the poetry of details.
In 2010, La Prestic Ouiston launches its first collection.In 2019, the Parisian brand opens its first store in Saint Germain des Prés, 21 rue du Dragon, not far from its shop-in-shop at Le Bon Marché. In 2022, a new project comes to light in Brittany, a region very dear to Laurence’s heart, with a second address located in Baden, her hometown.