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The asymmetrical color-blocking of the sweater introduces a contemporary and dynamic visual element, elevating its aesthetic appeal. This design choice, combined with a large embroidery on the front featuring a Singapore floral motif, reflects a fusion of modernity and cultural inspiration. The incorporation of the floral motif adds a unique touch, paying homage to artistic and natural elements.

As a versatile piece, the Knit Sweater not only provides warmth but also serves as a canvas for expressing individuality and style. The Singapore floral motif, coupled with the sustainable composition, underscores the intersection of fashion and responsible choices.

Embrace the distinctiveness of the Knit Sweater, where sustainability meets artistry. Elevate your wardrobe with this thoughtfully crafted garment that encapsulates a harmonious blend of style, environmental consciousness, and cultural inspiration.


50% polyamide (recycled), 43% alpaca, 7% virgin wool

Hand Wash