Elevate your living or bedroom space with the luxurious touch of Bemboka's Jersey Italian Cashmere Collection – an exquisite blend of comfort and style. Crafted exclusively for Bemboka by the esteemed Zegna Baruffa in Italy, the Grade A, two-ply, 100% Cashmere yarn is double-twisted, ensuring unparalleled softness.

These stunning pieces are not just reserved for interior decor; the Jersey cashmere wraps, with their perfect size and lightweight nature, effortlessly transition into versatile accessories. Whether draped over furniture to enhance your home's ambiance or elegantly worn as a shawl for a special occasion or as a travel blanket, these pieces seamlessly blend functionality with luxury.

The premium, high-quality yarns used across the Bemboka Cashmere Collection redefine opulence, creating a sumptuous feel and soft handle that has become synonymous with our brand. Experience the epitome of comfort and sophistication as you envelop yourself in the unparalleled craftsmanship of Bemboka's Cashmere Yarn Collection – where every piece is a testament to unrivaled quality and timeless elegance.

Size 120 x 180/200cm