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HIGH AW23 - City Gipsy
In this story, Claire Campbell, of HIGH everyday couture, embraces an understanding that all things in nature carry energy where everything is connected. She knows that a sense of personal style does more for our wellbeing than we realize. The HIGH woman is a true traveller, a world explorer who lives in wonder of and respect for the natural world with an awareness of environment and community. 
The AW collection takes inspiration from all the elements of the earth and transforms them in many varied and sometimes unexpected ways. 
Throughout the collection, textures are as varied as those found in the natural world. 
Autumn combinations play with layers and textures. 
HIGH’s signature matte and shine combinations are enriched with special treatments. 
The new seasons knitwear and jersey collection presents every aspect of HIGH style providing multiple design solutions in terms of taste, elegance and comfort. What better material than jersey to create layered looks. 
Wearable works of art inspired by nature and the many fascinating colours and shapes found in agate stone that you are now able to wear. 
Fine cotton knits with all over autumnal landscape prints in shades of brick, brown, blue, black, green, navy and ivory. 
New prints of the season with black background patchwork of different floral motives. 
High-tech tailoring that meets todays needs with pants made of alternating panels of tech crepe and satin, creating a matt and satin effect throughout the piece. 
HIGH’s denim approach focuses on details to create pieces that stand out while still being sustainable with HIGH’s signature treatments. 
“Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful”.