Introducing La Prestic Ouiston: The Uncommon Elegance

 MOYA Castlecrag is thrilled to introduce its latest addition – La Prestic Ouiston. This Parisian brand embodies an uncommon elegance, blending classic fabrics with exclusive prints, signed by different artists, creating a sophisticated yet avant-garde collection.

La Prestic Ouiston's journey began in 2008 with a unique approach to upcycling vintage scarves into numbered, one-of-a-kind pieces. This innovative spirit quickly garnered a loyal following appreciative of the brand's commitment to sustainable luxury.

In 2010, the brand officially launched its first collection, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its poetic attention to detail. Fast forward to 2019, La Prestic Ouiston opened its flagship store in Saint-Germain des Prés, followed by a second boutique in 2022, nestled in the heart of Brittany, in Baden – a nod to its founder Laurence's roots.

With its fusion of Parisian chic and artistic flair, La Prestic Ouiston epitomizes the essence of MOYA Castlecrag, inviting visitors to explore the intersection of fashion and art in a uniquely sophisticated setting.