Blossom up! The new season is all about blossoming meadows, fields of flowers and idyllic water gardens. Inspired by the self-evidence and diversity of nature. These spring collections are bursting with vibrancy, and optimism. Sweet and delicate, as well as bold dynamic floral tones are the highlight of the colour palette completed by soft neutrals. The result; attractive combinations that put you in the mood for spring.

The look reflects and natural lightness while embodying a cool urban fashion feeling, laid back soft natural materials always remained part of the MOYA inspiration. we will not only find cosy wearable outfits for now, but a variety of outfits for every occasion.

The luminous shirts in crisp cottons or hoodies made of jersey and luxurious envy satin are this year's spring favourites casual in the daytime elegant in the evening sweaters and vests are styled with white poplin shirts and skirts for a casual chic look. 

Easy wear is at the heart of this collection. Lux sweatshirts and cotton knits represent a cool casual look with the unique twist. The soft style of the theme our contrast the masculine Blazers and high waisted trousers.