Our responsibility / our future

The sky blue label printed with the words “Rethink together” will feature on especially sustainable products: items bearing the tag are not only made from certified sustainable materials, but a manufactured using innovative, resource-saving production processes. In addition, the production facilities are inspected for good working conditions in accordance with international standards. With this approach, Marc Cain has made a commitment to becoming more sustainable along its entire supply chain and makes one thing clear above all: there are strong convictions behind every “Rethink together” product. We must rethink, together. Only when we act with care and take responsibility for our future can we protect our planet for future generations. That's why Marc Cain has committed to sourcing 50% of its cotton from sustainable sources by 2023, among other things. “by setting ourselves this goal, we have taken one step further towards a more sustainable value chain. In my view, it is essential that these measures anchored deep in our company strategy, and that we aim for a long-term mentality and stability instead of short-term solutions,” Explains Helmut Schlotterer, Founder and CEO. Marc Cain customers can instantly recognise that products are made from sustainable materials by the swing tag on the product and the sewn in fabric label.